Parents for the Planet

A safe haven for planet nurturers

We are a network of human parents, grandparents, pet parents, plant parents and general all-around nurturers. We believe that it’s time to parent our planet, together. 

Together, we:

1. Find and share the good news and stories about the people nurturing our planet

2. Gather to grieve and to find companionship in our concern for the future 

3. Look for a range of ways to take action that are accessible 

4. Build our resilience and the resilience of our communities by changing how we relate to the world and to each other.

We conduct Thank You Brigades and nature walks in Denver, Colorado

We interact on  Facebook (for now)

We have  eight steps for living (mostly) in acceptance of our planet grief

Parents for the Planet is rooted in celebrating what works in the world, in nature, climate and beyond, while also helping us believe and act more towards the world we want to co-exist in. The concept is simple and yet barely executed in other organizations that rely solely on confrontational activism to push needles forward. Parents for the Planet is a safe space to celebrate what works, discuss what seems to not be working and even grieve together when bad news makes its way into our day-to-day lives.  

— Nicole H.  

Our 8 steps for coping with eco-grief

1. Be Kind to yourself and others

2. Find art that expresses how we feel

3. Find moments of awe

4. Practice gratitude

5. Do positive activism

6. Seek inspirational stories

7. Build community

8. Visualize the future we can create

Our next event: a discussion of “Don’t Look Up” on January 16th